Electrical – Introduction

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2015.. The department is fully equipped with latest systems and apparatus in the Electrical machines, Power Electronics, Control Systems, Power System Simulation, Embedded Systems, Measurements and Instrumentation laboratories. The mission of the department is to produce highly competent Electrical and Electronics Engineers with a sound knowledge in all the areas concerning the discipline.


To be an international centre for education, research and the application of knowledge, to benefit the society globally in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


To impart high quality technical education and develop Electrical and Electronics Engineers with a sound theoretical knowledge combined with practical skills in all the areas concerning the discipline.

To inculcate innovative research capabilities and exemplary professional conduct to lead and to use technology for the progress of our country.


The Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree program prepares the graduates to enter a dynamic and rapidly changing field with career opportunities in Electric Power, Power Electronics, Microprocessors and Controllers, Integrated Circuits, Robotics and Control, Computer Hardware and Software. The demand for electrical power and electronic systems is increasing rapidly and electrical & electronics engineers are in great demand to meet the requirements of the growing industry. Electrical and Electronics Engineers are mainly employed in industries using Electrical Power, Manufacturing Electrical Equipment, Electronic Systems, Accessories, Research and Development departments which work on energy saving devices and Software Development.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is arguably the technology which has most shaped the world we live in. All aspects of our lives are affected by the electrical power we take for granted. Electrical and Electronics Engineers are responsible for the continued safe and responsible development of this technology in all its many applications, through research, design and development, manufacture, service, marketing and consulting. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a dynamic and exciting discipline which will continue to serve the needs of society through the economic and responsible exploitation of existing technology and the development of innovative ideas. To meet the needs and challenges, the department in REC has a firm commitment to develop and produce stalwart electrical engineers of high technical knowledge combined with leadership skills, decision making, design capabilities and problem solving.