Electrical – Lab Facility

Lab Facility

We have well established and well equipped state of art equipments where students are allowed to carry out projects under the able guidance of our faculty.

S.No Lab Name List of Equipments
1. Electrical Machines Lab
  • DC Shunt Motor with loading arrangement
  • DC Series Motor with loading arrangement
  • DC Compound Motor with loading arrangement
  • DC Compound Motor Coupled With DC Compound Generator
  • DC Shunt Motor Coupled With DC Shunt Generator
  • DC Shunt Motor Coupled With DC Series Generator
  • DC Shunt Motor Coupled with 3Ø Alternator Generator
  • Three Phase Induction Motor With Loading Arrangements
  • Single Phase Induction Motor With Loading Arrangements
  • Three Phase Synchronous Motor with Loading Arrangement
  • Three Phase Slip Ring Induction Motor With Loading Arrangement.
  • Single Phase Transformer
  • Three phase transformer
2. Electric circuits Lab
  • Regulated Power Supply
  • Function Generator
  • Single Phase Energy Meter
  • Oscilloscope (20 MHz)
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • AC/DC – Voltmeters, Ammeters and Multi-meters.
  • Single Phase Wattmeter.
  • Decade Resistance Box, Decade Inductance Box, Decade Capacitance Box
  • Circuit Connection Boards
3. Engineering practices lab ELECTRICAL

  • 1. Assorted electrical components for house wiring
  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Study purpose items: Iron box, fan and regulator, emergency lamp
  • Megger
  • Power Tools: (a) Range Finder (b) Digital Live-wire detector


  • Soldering guns
  • Assorted electronic components for making circuits
  • Small PCBs
  • Multi-meters
  • Study purpose items: Telephone, FM radio, low-voltage power
4. Electronics laboratory
  • Semiconducter devices like Diode, Zener Diode, NPN Transistors, JFET, UJT, Photo diode, Photo Transistor
  • Resistors, Capacitors and inductors
  • Necessary digital IC
  • Function Generators
  • Regulated 3 output Power Supply
  • CRO
  • Storage Oscilloscope
  • Bread boards
5. Linear & digital integrated circuits laboratory
  • Dual ,(0-30V) variable Power Supply
  • CRO
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Function Generator
  • IC Tester (Analog)
  • Bread board
  • Computer (PSPICE installed
  • IC 741/ IC NE555/566/565, Digital IC types, LED, LM317, LM723, ICSG3524 / SG3525,Transistor – 2N3391 ,Diodes, 25 IN4001,BY126,Zener diodes
  • Potentiometer
  • Step-down transformer
  • Capacitor
  • Resistors 1/4 Watt Assorted
  • Single Strand Wire
6. Control & Instrumentation lab CONTROLSYSTEMS:

  • PID kit ,DSO,CRO Probe
  • Personal computers
  • DC motor ,Generator, Rheostats, Ammeters,Voltmeters
  • CRO 30MHz
  • Function Generator
  • Position Control Systems Kit ,Tacho Generator Coupling set
  • AC Synchro transmitter& receiver
  • Digital multi meters

1.R, L, C Bridge kit (with manual)
2. a) Electric heater ,Thermometer, Thermistor (silicon type) RTD nickel type
b) 30 psi Pressure chamber (complete set) ,Current generator ,
Air foot pump
c) LVDT20mm core length movable type, CRO 30MHz
d) Optical sensor ,Light source
e) Strain Gauge Kit with Handy lever beam, 100gm weights
f) Flow measurement Trainer kit
(1/2 HP Motor, Water tank, Digital Milliammeter, complete set)

  • Single phase Auto transformer
    Watthour meter (energy meter) , Ammeter
    Voltmeter Rheostat Stop watch
    Connecting wires (3/20)
  • IC Transistor kit – 1No.
7. Power electronics and drives lab
  • Device characteristics(for SCR, MOSFET, TRIAC and IGBT kit with built-in / discrete power supply and meters)
  • SinglephaseSCRbasedhalf controlled converter and fully controlled converter along with built-in/separate/firing circuit/module and meter
  • MOSFET based step up and step down choppers(Built in/ Discrete)
  • IGBT based single phase PWM inverter module/Discrete Component
  • IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module/Discrete Component
  • Switched mode power converter module/Discrete Component
  • SCR &TRIAC based 1 phase AC controller along with lamp or rheostat load
  • Cyclo converter kit with firing module
  • Dual regulated Dc power supply with common ground
  • Cathode ray Oscilloscope
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Single phase Auto transformer
  • Components (Inductance, Capacitance )
  • Multimeter
  • LCR meter
  • Rheostats of various ranges
  • Work tables
  • DC and AC meters of required ranges
  • Component data sheets to be provided
8. Power system simulation lab
  • Personal computers (Pentium-IV, 80GB, 512 MBRAM)
  • Printer laser
  • Dot matrix
  • Software: any power system simulation software
  • Compliers: C, C++, VB, VC++