Career Guidance

A Comprehensive carrier guidance programme is offered to our students to help them plan their higher studies and other opportunities. Our lecturer gives the right suggestion to the students for selecting there proper career for their future. if the students choose their carrier correctly they would come up in their life. and they will also give a good name for our institution.

Our Polytechnic College to provide Carrier Guidance for all students in our campus

Board exam will soon a lot of students seem to be confused about choosing their stream after 10th and 12th . Some very common answers by students when someone asks them about their choice of a stream after 10th and 12th  are:

Normally, students are unaware of the fact that 10th is the initial and crucial stage of building a career. They take the decision with puzzled and ambiguous mind and end up selecting a wrong stream thereby opening the door to worst consequences in the long-term career prospects.

Choosing the right stream has a long lasting impact on a student’s future. It has been often noticed student start hating their subject after some time or quit their subject midway or start feeling frustrated about the wrong move or decision.

The decision they once took out of peer pressure or parental pressure or due to lack of knowledge now becomes the burden of their life. Hence, it is very important for any student to choose the stream carefully for better career prospects in future.

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